A Thumbs Up for Skype for Asterisk :D

If anyone is thinking about getting Skype for asterisk, don’t hesitate!

Installation: -
Following the instructions from digium was easy enough. My only gripe was that I had to install gcc/make/asterisk devel tools to make/compile the modules etc. On limited systems that might be an issue. Regardless, once the tools were installed (2 mins) I was ready to setup the conf files.

It was nice to see the Skype conf file was named appropriately ‘chan_skype.conf’.
Although there are lots of options in the conf file, you only need to add/change around 4 lines to get skype receiving incoming calls. Outgoing takes a few more lines but I don’t need that.

Next, simply adjust your dial-plan (extensions.conf) appropriately.
It was impressive how easy Skype4Asterisk was to setup and configure, especially how it took no ‘new’ knowledge to get up and running. Just set it up almost the same as the other channels.

Calls are as good and clear and route very fast.

:smiley: Well done digidoos!

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you found it easy to configure.

Digium also provides RPM packages of Skype for Asterisk here for use on AsteriskNOW: packages.digium.com/centos/5/current/i386/RPMS/

If you’re running CentOS 5 or compatible (upon which AsteriskNOW is based), you may be able to make use of the same packages and save the trouble of installing devel tools and compiling.