A survey on Asterisk-based call-centres - Help needed

Hi all,
I am running a survey of Asterisk-based call-centres, to understand what they are doing now and how they expect to grow in the future. Results will be presented by yours truly in October at the Astricon in Orlando, but you can also sign up to receive them when they will be ready. See http://www.digium.com/blog/2018/06/27/asterisk-contact-center-survey-results-will-be-interesting/

So, if you run a call-center based on Asterisk, or you have customers doing it, why not letting the community know what you are doing and what you wish for? it only takes 5 minutes, but it’s a way for your voice be heard. :smile:

You can find the survey at: https://www.queuemetrics.com/callcenter-survey-2018.jsp?lid=A083


Oh. You mean an ad for your product in violation of the forum rules. Got it.