A green asterisk server?


Anyone know how Asterisk would run on a www.fit-pc.com

The size of a CD case and only $285.00 plus shipping.

What I like most is it’s 3-5W power consumption! very green.

w AMD Geode LX800 CPU @ 500 MHz
w 256 MB DDR (non expandable)
w 40 GB Hard disk, 2.5" 44-pin IDE interface
w Dual 100 Mbps Ethernet
w SXGA graphics controller, from 640x480 up to 1920x1440
w Two USB 2.0 high speed ports
w Speaker and microphone interface
w RS-232 serial port via RJ11 connector
w Single 5V supply, 3-5 watt, fanless operation
w Size: 120 x 116 x 40 mm, 450 gram
w All aluminum case, black anodized finish. Splash and dust resistant
w Operating temperature - 0-70oC
w Gentoo Linux preloaded, kernel 2.6.20.

Sound like a pretty standard SBC and useing them for Ras servers the problem will be proccessing power that it can realy handle.
The days of roll your own are drawing to a close. There will always be he option to do it but, with the likes of Pika releasing theirs soon, Obviously digiums and Xorcom relasing their range, which for example a 24port server is $2000 approx and a 6x2 is $850 it isnt realy finanially worth it for the small end.


im not sure if it is still being developed but you could probably run AstLinux on it. I have run it on a Soekris net4801 SBC, which was 266 Mhz and I was able to handle 20 simultaneous calls without issue… I ran it on flashdisks but you could easily use a HDD if you are worred about the number of reads / writes to a CF.