A good FXO device?

We currently have 2 POTS lines; what is good FXO card?

I’m trying to avoid spending $400 but I also don’t want echo world. This is for a small business production environment. :question:

Any recommendations?

X100P? Digium TDM400?

I use the sangoma A200 2 port FXO, it was 199.50$ US. Sounds GREAT, no echo issues here…

Does it do 2 FXO and 1 FXS? I have two POTS lines and one analog phone I want to connect to.

I see X100P has two RJ11 ports on it. It says it is 1 FXO. What is the other RJ11 for then? Is it for hooking up a analog phone??

the x100 has only 1 FXO port, the other port is not an FXS device. I have heard that you can put an analog phone on there for “LifeLine” support bit have not tested it.

The ports on the sangoma card have to be added in pairs. So, you could have 2FXO and 2FXS. You can then add expansion cards to the system to bring the total number of ports to 24, all while using only 1 PCI slot.

I would assume that the X100P is actually a re-branded v.92 modem , which they have two ports. :question:

I see…

sangoma a200 with 2 FXOs and 2 FXSs is around $350. I am thinking

Digitalnetwork 2 X100P cards = $30.95 (2 FXOs)


Linksys PAP2 = $71.50 (2 FXSs)


Linksys (Sipura) SPA-2100 = $81.99 (2 FXSs)

So it will be $102.50 ~ $112.50. I see some Linksys PAP2 for $50 but I assume those are locked for Vontage.

What do you think? And do you think SPA-2100 is better then PAP2?


I would recommend Sangoma A200 or Digium TDMxx series.

I highly recommend against using an X100 in a production environment. I have had many issues with those cards and the knockoff ones, and I’m not the only one.

The X100 is a rebranded Intel voice modem, the 2nd port is so you can plug in your desk phone and it gets disconnected when the modem dials.

I would also suggest that if location permits (lines end where * server will be) go with interface cards instead of ATAs. Easier to configure.

You can get a TDM12B (2 FXO, 1 FXS) for about $300.00 USD. In production I say spend the little bit extra to get a well implemented and supported product. If you get the TDM you get support from Digium.

Just my 2 cents.