802.11 phone

I am looking for a good quality wireless SIP phone for Asterisk. Needs good battery life, easy operation, and be able to jump between Access Points quickly. We have tried a D-Link flip phone, easy to use, lousy battery life and poor AP jumping. Also tried a Hitachi, better battery, and better AP jumping, not user friendly.

Looking at Polycom, Rather High Price. Would like to stay under $300.00 per handset.

You are better off connecting an FXO port to an Asterisk server and then using cheap wireless handsets. IP phones are expensive to replace.

Try Nokia E51 which can be had for $100 or any of the Nokia’s later models.
You might also consider DECT phones which have better range and better battery life - e.g Gigaset S675IP.
It can hop between bases easily. DECT bases cost peanuts (<$50)

Some of the Nokia’s feature phones have integrated SIP VOIP capapbility too, developer.nokia.com/Communit … 40_devices for really affordable prize.