7931G and Asterisk

Hi All.
I try to configure my Cisco 7931G phone whith asterisk.
When i use SIP - everything ok but Russia Locale - Not supported by cisco.
Then SCCP - i have 2 modules for that: Skinny from Asterisk and “SCCP channel Release: v2” from chan_sccp-b_20090602.tar.
Skinny do not support 7931G :frowning:

WARNING[3176]: chan_skinny.c:1410 get_button_template: Unsupported device type ‘348 (7931)’ found.

Please answer me - When Asterisk planned support this device?

If i use chan_sccp_b - Asterisk crashed when 7931 register to Asterisk.
Error message:

segfault at 2 ip 003a3b25 sp b7e84010 error 6
in chan_sccp.so[38d000+47000]

Oh, what phone.


When you write the code to support it, and licence it to Digium!

Even for a fully commercial product, you wouldn’t get an answer for that sort of question unless they were about to announce it, anyway.

[quote]segfault at 2 ip 003a3b25 sp b7e84010 error 6
in chan_sccp.so[38d000+47000][/quote]

Please check that you are running a recent version and that all your modules are for that version. If so, please follow the instructions in doc/backtrace.txt and submit a bug report to issues.asterisk.org.