Asterisk and Cisco 7931G

Hi All!

When 7931G try register to asterisk whith chan_sccp-b_20090602
Asterisk crash whith error : segfault at 2 ip 003a3b25 sp b7e84010 error 6 in[38d000+47000]
Cisco 7912 and 7940 - register and work.
Cisco IP phone - register and work.
Version 7931 - SCCP31.8-3-1S
How to solve this?

After making sure that you don’t have any modules from a different version of Asterisk, follow the procedures in doc/backtrace.txt and submit a bug report on

Use category Channels/skinny and severity crash.

A suggested summary line for the bug report would be:

Segfault in chan_sccp when registering Cisco 7931