21/5000 What to use, AMI or ARI?

Hi all!

I’ m developing a distributed aplication. The aplication runs in windows and it is developed in c#. In The aplication client I only need to capture events about the status of peers. I need to see the peer status in real time. I need to know when the extension is ringing, incall or idle.
The aplication will run in 50 pc clients. Each client have assigned a peer, the relation is one to one.

I have reading in the comunity about two API: AMI and ARI. My doubt is: what is best API to use for my project?

I have readed that in both cases it is nedeed a proxy between asterisk PBX and aplication clients. I read about Asterisk manager Proxy and AsterNET.ARI.Proxy. It is necessari to implement these proxy ? The version of asterisk is 13

Why do think that ARI might be relevant. AMI is the only option that is relevant to third party control applications.

Please note that peer support for the Microsoft ecosystem is likely to be difficult to obtain.

So what is the purpose of ARI?

It is necessari a proxy (Asterisk manager Proxy) to manage the api request from the aplication clients for 50 clients runing at the same time?


The wiki has a page[1] which talks about the differences between the different API mechanisms.

[1] https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=29395573