2 companies 1 asterisk

I work for two different companies in the same warehouse.

Can I use the same asterisk or install 2 asterisk in the same computer?

When some one call the phones A, B and C we answer in one phone extension. When some one call the phones D and E answer in another phone extension.

Can i do this function in asterisk or asterisk@home?


should be doable I am doing 4 companys in 1 box. DO you have differnet numbers for the companys?

We have 5 voip lines from broadvoice.

We want 3 lines in one company and another 2 in another company

We can use this config at asterisk@home or this just worked at asterisk?

Thanks again

You can do everything also with asteriskathome.

It is sufficient to create 2 different groups or queues (one per company) and assign the incoming calls from voip lines to the specific group/queue.

In this way I think it is possible to manage more entities with the same box.

It is easy as long as you are doing the management for them. If you need a ‘multi-tenant’ platform, then you would need to do some development in the management interface to allow them to do self-service adds/moves/changes.

Thanks for your help guys

We are working on a similar problem. We want to setup answering for multiple companies on one server. Each company has its own number and their calls would be put in its own queue. However, the few people who are answering phones are doing so for all of the companies. Is there any way to send a notification to the agent before his/her phone rings to inform them who the call is for? The queue has strategy settings to call agents, but I am thinking something inside the queue handling would need to perform the notification.

Does that make sense or am I asking for too much?

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If you are using AAH you can just add a prefix to the caller id so they know which line it is coming in on.


The prefix solution would give the agent an indication as to who the call is for, but it is not really practical. The agent has to answer different questions depending on who is calling so that they can prepare their script/help desk software. For this reason they either have to have an URL or something sent to them before the phone rings. I was thinking AGI being called from within the queue calling mechanism, but I am not familiar with queues to know if that is possible. In the configuration file it indicated that there are call handling strategy settings that indicate who is called and in which order. I would like to add a function execution prior to the call being made to inform the receiving party.

I came across Asterisk-java and I guess it could be implemented through that, but I think it would also mean that the entire queue process would have to be coded.


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