100 Free MP3's For Music On Hold

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Just a quick note that VoiceStudio are now offering 100 MP3’s for music on hold to download for free, they are royalty free tracks. A lot of people have requested this in the past and is a big search term for customers visiting the site. Hope this is not a spam as we have had a lot of genuine intrest. Great for Asterisk no more fpm-sunshine.

Click Here

-VoiceStudio Sales

We are unable to open the link. plz provide any alternate option.


Hi There,

The link is : voicestudio.com.au/on-hold/100-r … od_13.html

What happens if you try and open? It is getting a lot of downloads so maybe specific to you. Please email sales@voicestudio.com.au if you require assistance, I’m sure they will help.


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These have been extremely popular, we have moved to faster hosting to cope with the downloads. Apologies for the delays in the last 24 hours.

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