Mp3 music on hold


I want to play MP3 files for music on hold is it possible if yes how can i play MP3 files i am using asterisk 1.4


Yes, I used my entire MP3 collection of over 1,000 songs when I first started with Asterisk. You need something like this in your musiconhold.conf file:


BUT…and there is always a big but…you may notice some songs play more clearer than others, that is some will sound jittery and skippy. I had to limit my selections to only the ones which sounded clear, of course YMMV. And most important are Copyrights. Legally you cannot play copyrighted music on your MOH system without paying royalties to the the party who owns the rights to said music. My MOH only plays non-copyrighted music for this reason. Just in case the folks from RIAA ever happen to ease-drop in on you.

Good luck.

to play the files as mp3 you will have to do some tweaks. The easiest way to put an mp3 into MOH is to change it to a wav with sox.

/etc/asterisk/musiconhold.conf has a section that you uncomment to play the mp3 natively.