License for using music on hold

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We are using your software for our Voip. When we put a call on hold, you hear your music on hold, which (as far as we know) is provided by you through and is license free for use by us. If this is incorrect, could you please let us know.
The dutch government is now enforcing us to pay license for this music (quite a lot, actually) and needs us to prove that the music we use is indeed licensefree. Could you please indicate me where on your website it states that we as consumer can use the music from freeplaymusic through Asterisk free of license. It would really really help us a lot.

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Depending on your version and the music it has on it it “could” fall into a grey area

here is a bit I posted at the time the MOH was changed. … 2&Itemid=1

It gives the background info.


And here’s the location from where we sourced the new MoH files:


Hi Ian,

Thanks for your reply, which has been very helpful.
Can you please let me know when Digium posted this article and started changing the FreePlayMusic-files into Opsound-files?

Thank you a lot!

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We first started moving to opsound on 27th of August, 2009.