1.6 Stability

I’m deploying a new asterisk box and am debating using 1.6.0-rc6… I’ve been doing some limited testing of it myself and it feels stable, have had no problems with it but wondered if there was anyone out there using this in production and if they had any feedback on the stability in real-world applications?

I apologise if this has been asked before but the search facility wont let me use 1.6 as search criteria, and trying to wade through the rest of the posts didn’t show anything up

What exactly did you mean by in real-world applications? I have my LaFonera WiFi router flashed with OpenWRT + asterisk-1.6.0-rc6 since two days after it was released. It has been configured with about 50 channels from various FREE VoSPs with about four extensions. The only problem I have encountered is the use of stunaddr= option where each channel will send several requests to negotiate with a STUN server. Try to picture this scenario with more than 50 channels where each channel sends out several STUN requests/negotiations with a STUN server. Will the STUN server get tripped as a DOS from your asterisk system? In my case, I see lots of stunaddr error responses from the STUN server that seemed to deny requests from my asterisk-1.6.0-rc6. I posted this problem on this forum and got no response at all. So, I figure perhaps it is time to move on and start all over again to ditch asterisk with FreeSwitch.

I would stay away from 1.6.X for a while. I jumped on board the 1.4.X train about a year after it was released. Afte the many issues that I saw come up with the release of 1.4.X I am not downloading 1.6.X so fast. (I will for testing).

mazilo, please use bugs.digium.com to report any Asterisk bugs. These forums are for discussion, not for tracking bugs to resolution. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed with every open source project you try if you send bug reports to the wrong place.

Asterisk 1.6.0 was released today!


As far as I know some new useful features will be released in 1.6.1 and 1.6.2…

Of course some bugs will be fixed in the upcoming versions…

I’m not going on 1.6 for production purposes for the next three to six months if I was you.


Indeed and am using it now. :wink: