1.4 vs 1.6


I am planning a new asterisk installation. I undestand that 1.6 has been out for some time, while 1.4 is still alive and kickng.

What would the reasons to use 1.6 (features ? )
What would the reasons not to use 1.6 (stability, changes to come, etc… ?)

thanks for your views,


I am still on 1.4. For me 1.4 was not stable until I would wait a bit before going to 1.6.

It’s interesting that I’ve yet to see a good reason to go with 1.6 and once again, no one seems to own up to using 1.6. Can anyone say what’s better about 1.6 over 1.4? I’d really like to know.

For me, the thought of learning all the new syntax and commands + re-writing all my scripts to be compliant is simply to much work, without it would appear any real benefits.


I believe that in 1.6 there is better faxing support, STUN and some other goodies. There is nothing there that is making want to move over from 1.4. I am still have a sour taste of my upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4.

1.0 to 1.2 was a breeze. It could be that 1.6 has no issues but I am not willing to risk it.