*1.0.9: Features pb

I’ve installed the Asterisk 1.0.9 distribution a few days ago and I want to customize the features stuffs (blindxfer and atxfer).
After modifying the features.conf file and reloading the configuration with the CLI, the transfer method I customize ("#1") doesn’t work. So I’ve tried to look at the configuration in the CLI with the command “show features”. But the answer is "No such command…"
Doas anyone can help me?


i read something similar a few days ago while looking for attended/consultative transfers.

i think you need to get the CVS HEAD version and compile that in order for the full feature set when it comes to transfers.

me, i’m sticking to parking for now :smile:

Hum… Thank you “baconbuttie”. I’ve just got the CVS version (v1-0) and recompile and install it. The problem is still the same.
Have another idea maybe?

Thanks a lot.

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