Ztdymmy error

hi guys.
I have recently deployed asterisk on to one of my servers. After running asterisk -vvvvcp, I found out my command prompt is missing “dial” command.
I have tried to run ztdummy, but it gives me the following error:

root@toronto [/usr/src/asterisk]# modprobe ztdummy
/lib/modules/2.4.31-4tr/misc/zaptel.o: kernel-module version mismatch
/lib/modules/2.4.31-4tr/misc/zaptel.o was compiled for kernel version 2.4.27-4tr
while this kernel is version 2.4.31-4tr.
modprobe: insmod /lib/modules/2.4.31-4tr/misc/zaptel.o failed
modprobe: insmod ztdummy failed

Can somebody please help me out?

What version of Free/Net/OpenBSD are you running on?

Good day,

AFAIK the ztdummy you have, has compiled with wrong version of a kernel
you can get installed zaptel from source

your current version of kernel 2.4.31 and your ztdummy build against
kernel 2.4.27

what you can do is get the zaptel from svn or get the official release
then rebuild zaptel from source of course enable ztdummy

vi Makefile

look for ztdummy then uncomment it save and rebuild