<ZOMBIE> in asterisk logs

Does anyone know what refers to in the asterisk logs? There’s a couple of posts kicking around but nothing that really explains what it means.

From what I can gather it’s either referring to zombie asterisk processes (unlikely given that the logs in question relate to SIP calls) or that calls can be lost in a cyclic ring groups and these are referred to as zombies.

In general, I suppose I’m also asking, should I be worried about seeing zombies or is that a semi-normal thing to see in the logs?


It relates to masquerading, and the comments in one version of the masquerading code say:

[quote] /* XXX This is a seriously wacked out operation. We’re essentially putting the guts of
the clone channel into the original channel. Start by killing off the original
channel’s backend. I’m not sure we’re going to keep this function, because
while the features are nice, the cost is very high in terms of pure nastiness. XXX */[/quote]

The shell of the channel becomes a zombie.

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … r+Asterisk gives more background.