Zoltrix 56 K V.90 as external PSTN line


   Is it possible to configure asterisk to work with Zoltrix V.90 Rainbow 56K(FM-VSP56e) as output to external line ? Of course modem will be conected to PSTN line. Asterisk should receive incoming call on this modem too.

I’m sure it isn’t Winmodem he is connnectec to asterisk using RS232.
Modem spec:
zoltrix.com/support_html/mod … -specs.htm


Depends on what do you mean by “work with”. If you want to use Zoltrix as a “silent answer” pass-through so if the call is not for FAX, let Asterisk handle the call, absolutely. (Rainbow likely has silent answer feature.) No special configuration needed. If you want to use Zoltrix as a PSTN interface for Asterisk, no.

In latter, you’ll have better luck with one class of WinMODEM, namely X100P and clones.