Zaptel issues with Mosaix (Avaya) Predictive Dialer

Hi all,

I’m trying to get a TE407p set up to act as a middleman between a Mosaix dialer and the telco. I’m able to configure the telco side of things beautifully, but I’m having trouble getting alarms to clear on the Mosaix side- it -claims- to be set up as ESF/B8ZS on the dialer’s switch, but zaptel refuses to clear alarms and bring the span up- I’m at a loss of anything new to try.

The offending span in zaptel.conf:

I’ve tried the following:
-setting both the dialer card and the TE407P to D4/AMI
-configuring the lines on the span as e&m
-configuring the lines on the span as PRI (bchan/dchan)
-clock source on span 2 as 1, 2, and 0
-standard cable and crossover cable with every variation above

Is there anything I could possibly be overlooking?

The span types the dialer supports on this particular card are as follows:

(I have no idea what the ‘NR’ is)


I’ve gotten two ports on the TE407P to talk to one another with a crossover cable, so I know the port isn’t the issue, and the dialer does not have any problems with a direct connect to the telco line… any thoughts?