Zaptel Fatal Errors using Ubuntu 2.6 Kernel

I am having real issues getting the zaptel drivers to load after i compliled them.
I have tried the latest sources and set the gcc to 3.4 which is what the kernel was compiled with but i still can get it to load keep getting a FATAL error when i moprobe the ztdummy or zaptel modules.
HELP !!!
any ideas would be helpful.

Im not sure if your problem is specific to Ubuntu. I had a similar problem and found that Zaptel needs to be compiled with “make linux26” for the 2.6 kernel (on FC4). After I did that everything worked. I you like, check this, it may help: … highlight=

Thanks for the info but i have tried using the make linux26 it seems to build and install correctly but for some reason i get a fatal error when trying to use it?
Will keep trying but if anyone can help please.