Zaptel/Digium Hardware for PCI-Express

We currently have an asterisk system running on a Dell PowerEdge 2650. All expansion slots are PCI-Express and not PCI. Asterisk version has been upgraded to 1.2.5. Zaptel driver is 1.2.4.

Are there any cards I can purchase from Zaptel or Digium that are PCI-Express? Specifically, I’m looking for any card which I can use for Meetme functionality as well as handling POTS lines.



is it my imagination, or does the 2650 have PCI-X slots and not PCI-e ?

the NEW 2850’s (the 2650’s older brother) have one PCI-X slot and 2 PCI-e slots…the older models had all three slots as PCI-X.

i would imagine the 2650 would be the same as an older 2850…

i thought you specified the riser now when you order the 2850, one of them just has PCI-X slots.

that may very well be the case - i don’t do our server ordering, i just know that i had to come up with a way to get two PCI-X slots on our newest box, which only had one…we ended up having to rebuild another server and basically swap the two…not a fun night.

You’re right, they are PCI-X and not PCI-E. That being said, the question still stands, are there any cards out there I can use in this server to handle MeetMe and POTS lines?

Any help would be appreciated.

yup, the digium or sangoma ranges will be just fine.