Zaptel->DAHDI broke Caller ID w/ custom cadences

The caller ID spill to analog devices doesn’t seem to work when sending custom ringing cadences.

I recently rebuilt my Asterisk server (single TDM400 card w/ 1 FXO and 3 FXS ports) and migrated my configs.
Old versions:
[ul]Asterisk: 1.4.x
Zaptel: 1.4.x
OS: Ubuntu 8.10[/ul]New versions:
[ul]Asterisk: 1.8.10
DAHDI: 2.4.1
OS: Ubuntu 12.04
[/ul]Since the upgrade, the 4 non-standard ring cadences (almost without exception) never send Caller ID spills to the extensions that I dial.

Thinking that perhaps it really was sending it but that a slight timing difference was throwing off the Caller ID receivers, I tried different receivers, played with different cadences, even attached an oscilloscope to the line so that I could actually see the spill with my own eyes. When I say it doesn’t send it, it really doesn’t send it!

The default cadence (r0) always works.

With this set, 1 works, but 2-4 doesn’t.
[/ul]However, 1’s pattern only works in position 1 – If I switch the positions of one and 2, neither works!

With this list of identical cadences:
[ul]cadence=2000, -4000
cadence=2000, -4000
cadence=2000, -4000
cadence=2000, -4000
[/ul]it again works only with r1; r2-r4 deliver no spill.
If I don’t define my own cadences, leaving it to the default set, none of the 4 work.