Zaptel causing Kernel Panic on Shutdown

There is a bug on the AAH forum (1345351) for this problem but I don’t think it is an AAH issue. I have a Celeron 1Gb, 512Mb memory and a clone X100P. When I shutdown the Asterisk box (init 6) there is a kernel panic when shutting down Zaptel. (If I stop Asterisk, the box shuts down OK.) I am running AAH 2.0B6 and have loaded the latest CVS zaptel without success. I’ve read suggestions that this started when AAH moved to a 2.6 kernel. Does anyone have any experience / knowledge / suggestions how to fix this?

Not too sure how @home loads zaptel, but have a look at this link, it’s FC3 related, but you might be able to modify. The section you want to look at is how to load the driver as a service

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