Zap error with * and PANA pabx


just meet this error as i only start infacing * and PANASONIC KX-TA308 PABX today (though i collect info on how to do it a while a go)

my local call from asterisk to PANA is ok , i can now dial from IP phone (registered as SIP in asterisk) to PANA locals (its a matter of zapata.conf and using available TRUNK)

but when i dial from PANA locals to (going out) to asterisk with popular "9 "
i received this error

this error occur right after i dial number 9 and then i hear a busy tone

what is this error all about?

my context for 21-24 channels is [*_2_pana]
under it in extensions.conf i have


There is the reason infront of your eyes.

you dont have i extension in the default context.

Now why its going there , who knows you have only posted a smal snippit of the debug.


yah but it is telling about “default” context in which i dont have that context

what a tired day

sorry to bother you guys but i guess its really bad idea to reverse the spelling of context and will confuse even the maker (me).

in my zapata.conf i declare 21-24 FXS as context=pana_2_*
and in my extensions.conf i have a context for asterisk going to pana that
is *_2_pana. now i put the “s” exten in *_2_pana that is why i have that idea.

sorry if i immediately post this. as i just take it for granted knowing that your
all online tonight(here) day to most of you