Yealink Plug and Play Provisioning - Multicast SIP Subscribe


Is it somehow possible to make use of the Yealink Plug and Play Feature?
It uses a Multicast SIP Subscribe - the SIP Server should answer with a SIP Notify where the Message body points to the Provisioning Server address.


If you write something to do so, sure. There is no built in support for such a thing though.

Hello and thank you for the reply!

Would it be possible to extend pjsip with such a feature, or would I have to implement this feature in the source code of pjsip do make things like that possible?

You will have to modify source code somewhere. I don’t think it would require modifications to the PJSIP library itself, but I haven’t scoped out such a change.

Alright, thank you very much!

You can implement such thing totally independent from asterisk. Just create some process listening to the multicast address. Read some of the headers in the request and send a NOTIFY as response. In the body You include the setting url.

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Hi Karsten,

I have done this with a python script, but it would have been nice, if it was somehow implemented into asterisk. Especially if I need to have some sort of a Multicast → Unicast conversion, if the devices are in a different network, because then I need to listen also to another port than 5060 too.

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