X_Lite Phone registration

I installed 1.0.4 bata2 ad can not get X_Lite to registorto it. I cal call out but all calls coming go initally to the voice mail box. Then it atempts to registor the X-Lite gets teh follow error"Registration error 404 - not fount"
the Asterisk server logs:
handle_request_registor: Registration from "test"sip:test@ failed for ' - No matching peer found

I have verified the userid and passwork match.

Any ideas?
Thanks, George

I am a newby for AsteriskNow and I am having the same problem.

read the sticky at the top of the forum. if you don’t post configs it’s going to be difficult to help you.

I am having the same exact problem. I am using AsteriskNOW, the Virtual Appliance on a Pentium 4 HT with 1GB RAM, 120GB HD, etc. I have not configured outgoing (to PSTN network or VoIP provider) and I am just trying to setup the system for internal calls (the rest will come later).

What files would help you in my problem? I have googled this error and have not found sufficient information to solve it. I was under the understanding that all changes could be made thru the GUI with AsteriskNOW.

as baconbuttie said. Please post your configs.

I have found a solution for my problem. I was using ahpha characters in the user-id field - it must be numeric only. That is the extension field on the Asterisk server user area must match the user-id on the Xlite softphone. I was trying to match the name field on Asterisk to the user-id instead.


I didn’t post any configs, because as I said I am using AsteriskNOW, which all config changes should be done using the GUI.

I did however find that George Benton’s reply also helped me solve the issue. Once I changed the username and Auth user name field to the extension of the phone all worked no problem.