Wrong timezone in STRFTIME

Hi there,
I get my time showed wrong in STRFTIME function. The timezone on the device is set correctly (I use Entware on Asus router), but Asterisk fetches it wrong. In STRFTIME it is showed wrong no matter what I specify in GMT addition. It is somewhat ignored.

Where can I set timezone setting in Asterisk?

Nobody knows? It is so basic setting.

You set it n the operating system, or pass it as a parameter of STRFTIME.

The value will need to be acceptable to the operating system.

OS returns correct value of date, if I run date from shell.

It has probably had the TZ environment variable set in the login scripts.

This is basically an OS question and I’m not familiar with Entware.

Did you ever got a resolution to this problem? I am having the very same issue running asterisk 11 on a Netgear R7800 router under dd-wrt. I can not make figure out how to make asterisk to use local time. It always put the UTC stamp on every thing it produce such as log files, vm files, alarm receiver from ademco, etc.