Wrong password

Hello everyone,

chan_sip.c:24916 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:6808@’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

what is interesting is that there are times it does connect and then most of the time it fails to connect.


What SIP client are you using? I think you will find that the problem lies there.

sipdriod for lg android phone

Did you try replacing the softphone?

sorry yes I did with another same issue think the android products are not up to spec yet?

I am not using Android, so I can not give you a valid answer on this.

But if I were you, I would try using some Windws softphone’s to be 100% that the problem is not a miss-configuration of Asterisk.

I have 135 sipdroids in use and don’t have any knowledge of such a problem.


I am testing a new asterisk 15 server, ubuntu 16. I try to access the server from an android phone, with cssimple app. The sip.conf is a basic test:


if I connect the phone from the internal lan, everything works perfectly, but from the wan it indicates me password wrong.

Using this same configuration, but eliminating the option “secret”, means no password…i can connect from wan.