Writing application / driver for Asterisk

Hi there
I am trying to write a application (app_xxx.so) for asterisk in linux Suse 9.2. I have compiled the original driver file to a shared lib (.so) as well as a static lib (.a). I also created a .c file in the “app” directory of asterisk and linked this file to the shared lib of mine. The make file in “app” was also edited to include the link to the lib. Running the main make file generates no errors and install correct. When I then try to start asterisk the application falls over with an error saying that the commands inside my shared lib can’t be found. I have tested my shared lib of the driver by writing a small app to run it, and it works fine. I know I am missing something in asterisk, but don’t know what. Can anybody tell me why asterisk compiler / linker ignore the shared lib. Does asterisk allow me to use a shared lib inside the app_xxx.so file?

I have used the same results using the static lib.

Thank you

Did u load it from modules.conf?

This link can be of some help