Worldwide International roaming with global virtual numbers

This is a very useful opportunity for business and individual users who travel a lot to be reachable all the time at very low calling rates.
The idea behind is that any person could be anywhere in the world and his customers,
friends or family members could call him locally without knowing where he is.
Easy 3 steps to register, affordable prices and high calling quality.
Check it out at
This user-friendly website will help you to get an international virtual number
ringing on any destination worldwide:
*Any regular and mobile phone worldwide
*Any VoIP destination including SIP, IAX and H.323 protocols
*Any Instant Messaging client including Skype, MSN and GTalk

Sorry to hijack your thread but I found better with more features like prepaid phone card, voip, fax to email, real time online access, pinless dialing, online phone book, pay as you go, will work on ATA or softphones, can be share with 999 users with one master account, etc.