World's smallest VoIP PBX?

[quote=“Linux Devices”]A project to create an embedded Linux distribution around Asterisk, an open source PBX (private branch exchange) software package, is demonstrating a VoIP PBX system running on a tiny Gumstix SBC (single board computer) at the AstriCon trade show this week in Anaheim, Calif. The AstLinux project’s demo may be the smallest PBX system ever created.

The AstLinux project was founded about a year ago by Kristian Kielhofner, a 21-year old hacker who runs KrisCompanies, a consulting firm based in Lake Geneva, Wis. The project aims to create a minimal embedded Linux distribution that makes it easy to install and experiment with Asterisk.

The AstLinux project currently maintains several CD images, which can be used to install AstLinux and Asterisk onto CompactFlash cards, using an existing Linux or Windows system. An image is also available for users of the popular Soekris Net4801 and PC Engines WRAP boards, Geode-based boards that run an embedded BSD distribution oriented toward network routers. “The images include everything from bootloader to partition table to first partition,” Kielhofner says.

Additionally, the project offers a downloadable live CD version, which can be used to quickly get going with Asterisk, using any 586 (Pentium MMX) or better x86 system, and SIP phones or softphones. “You’d need to add some hardware if you want to interface with the PSTN,” Kielhofner notes.[/quote]