Working with 3 asterisk boxes

Dear All,

I am running 3 asterisk boxes (Asterisk 1.8.3 (FreePBX 2.9.0)) on each location

asterisk HO (ext. 100 - 105)
asterisk A (ext. 100 - 105)
asterisk B (ext. 100 - 105)

How to integrate them?, so I able to call internally between each asterisk. (ie. I call ext 101 from A, B and so on)

and how to set max. concurrent internal call between HO, A & B? (ie. I want only 5 users are able to connect from A to HO … or A to B … and so on)

could any body please help?

many thanks in advance


¿Do you mean a SIP trunk?
I’m still playing with that, so please correct me. The idea is to “register” the boxes as they were another phone.

[HO] ; suppose this will be the "server"

exten => *1.,1,Dial(SIP/HO/${EXTEN:2})

client ;



include => intern ;HO numbers
exten => *1.,1,Dial(SIP/A/${EXTEN:2}) ;so you can call the other boxes
exten => *2.,1,Dial(SIP/B/${EXTEN:2}) [/code]

There was a call-limit option, but it seems that it is deprecated. The docs suggest to use GROUP_COUNT instead (will test it now)

Normally one would use static addresses, rather than register.

I would expect a trusted context to be used.

Many people would use IAX.

I don’t understand the call limit requirement.

yes, I meant SIP trunk, so I able to call any extension in each asterisk box …

please help


“register” was a bad choice of words, xP.

When you said “trusted context” you mean something like: only calls from the trunks will end here,
¿or I’m missing something?

A context with a name like incoming would normally be used for calls from outside, for which you didn’t want the caller to be able to make chargeable calls (or to present your caller ID to the outside world). I would expect calls over intra-company tie lines to be allowed to do such things and any other things that outside callers would not be allowed to do.

Yes please see this document on IAX which is the preferred method for inter connecting Asterisk machines: