Connecting Two Asterisk Boxes

Hello I have three locations A,B and C,and i want all of them to communicate with each other, I know this can be done by making IAX2 tunnel between all of the three boxes but dont know exactly how

Please tell me creating tunnel between two boxes ill create third by my self

Site A =
Site B =

Any help would be greatly appreciated as my job depends upon the completion of this Task now…somebody please helppppp


try this: … al+servers

eventually IMHO the servers (assuming the call traffic is more or less equal) shoudl be in a triangle configuration (each server links to the other two)…

hope that helps!


I tried that…but couldnt make it work…can you please tell me soe other usefull link??

which bit did you try ? i recently referred to that page to link 2 Asterisk servers together for the purpose of inter-Asterisk trunking and it was up and going within 5 minutes using IAX. there can’t be much wrong with the info !

Sorry to intrude into your thread, i am also try to connect 2 asterisk boxes. i followed the same documentation. I was able to get the authentication part done successfully, but i am getting below error when i dial from BOXA to BOXB

SIP error: trying to call fomr 6138 BOXA to 2138 on BOXB.

– Executing Macro(“SIP/6138-0949ba30”, “dundi-priv|2138”) in new stack
– Executing Goto(“SIP/6138-0949ba30”, “2138|1”) in new stack
– Goto (macro-dundi-priv,2138,1)
Aug 27 18:15:46 WARNING[3537]: pbx.c:2415 __ast_pbx_run: Timeout, but no rule ‘t’ in context ‘internal’

Please help.

A guy named Richard was able to help me out on this. I was able to get two boxes talking so I imagine that a third wouldn’t be a problem.

Do a users forum search with rdpierce as the author. If I knew how to post the link directly to the article I’d do that for you… but I don’t. :blush:

Here is the link : … highlight=

Yup. Duh, makes sense, just post the stupid link into the page.



Hi Everyone,

first, thanks for your response.

I am still having issues connecting to 2 boxes, i am getting error related to context/extensions does not exist. looks like i messed something on extensions.conf & iax.conf.

can you please post your working setup after removing the passwords & usernames?