With UDP/RTP and externalMedia: how to tell which channel it came from?

When calling /channels/externalMedia via ARI one must specify the external_host ip/port destination that the packets will go to.

In that external_host, how can my server identify which channel/bridge originated a specific packet? If I call externalMedia a bunch of times for different then I seem to have no way way to identify which packet belongs to which channel/bridge.

Reading on RTP, it seems that it doesn’t have metadata where a channel/bridge id could be specified.

There has to be an obvious way to identify/distinguish this, I’m just not seeing it.

Thanks for any help.

There is no multiplexing to the same RTP IP address and port. You would use individual ports.

Well, actually I suppose you could use the source IP address and port to differentiate - that information I believe is returned in externalMedia when it is created.

That works for us. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing anything. Thank you.

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