Send RTP stream into Asterisk using ARI ExternalMedia channel

I am trying to send in a RTP stream to Asterisk using the ExternalMedia channel which is in a bridge with the active call channel.
I am using ffmpeg to create the stream - these are the arguments I am passing:
-re -i <“filename”> -f rtp -payload_type 0 “rtp://{ip}:{port}” (I am getting the port from ChannelVars - as detailed on this page
The audio is coming through but there are tiny gaps between each bit of playback that make it almost impossible to understand.
I’ve tried changing the packet sizes and the playback speed, but I still can’t get it to sound right.
Is anyone able to advise me on this? Thank you

Did you succeed, I was also trying to find a way to inject video… is it possible?

can you show me how you did this? what is working and what is not?


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