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Hi everyone, sorry to bother you…
a new customer asked me, to reduce costs, to find a solution to replace the current telephone system.
The customer had a twisted pair telephone exchange (that was removed), which at the end of its life was replaced by a system of telephones equipped with GSM SIM. The problem is that the client is a hotel, the SIMs are 75… and the bill for these is around $2,000 a month.
Since it doesn’t seem possible (but I’ll check) to wire every single room, I’m asking you:
Are IP phones with wireless connection reliable and functional?
does anyone have any experience with this?
the hotel has a wifi system which already seems quite overloaded… is it the case to mount antennas only for telephones?
The customer assures me that by now the phone calls that are made are only very few and mostly to the reception.
I welcome advice if you can…
Thank you

Even in normal environments, problems with SIP and WiFi can quickly arise. In no case do they achieve the stability of a cable connection, but the customer would assume so. He would probably call you a lot more often than the guests need the phones at the hotel.

I would continue to use the old cabling and use a simple analog gateway. You could also use larger analog cards from Sangoma and I think they are much better, but that would require more knowledge of the installation and configuration. A simple Asterisk or FreePBX system can be used as a telephone system. Hardware costs should be less than $1000 for 75 lines (excluding phones).

Hi…I know it…I have already checked for analog gateway, wich i adore, but old cables mostly have been cut.

What do you mean by cut? The copper is probably still in the walls. The only acceptable solution might be to get rid of this customer. The benefit of wiring 75+x rooms is out of all proportion to the financial gain with telephones.

I used Grandstream WP820 WiFi Phones a several times. They work well, better then expected. But they really need a stable WiFi Connection. If WiFi is already weak or has too much load, it will not work well.

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