Will the Digium Wildcard work on PCI Express or PCI-X?



Does anyone know if the Digium Wildcard will work on a PCI Express or PCI-X motherboard. Specifically I am looking at the Dell 850 1U rack server for use with Asterisk.



standard PCI cards aren’t backwards compatable AFAIK, so NO.
Oh, and BTW, PCI-X is something different than PCI-Express, its a differnet spec like PCI, but as skosh bit faster.



I not sure what you mean by backward compatible. PCI Express is a newer standard than PCI. I would think the standards bodies would make sure that at least some older cards might work - but maybe not…



PCI 2.2 compliant cards (such as the Digium Wildcard) is not compatible with the PCI Express standard. A quick glance at the card and a PCI Express connector would make this evident in a hurry.

PCI is a parallel connection where as PCI Express is a serial connection. A similar difference could be made between Parallel ATA versus Serial ATA.