Will Asterisk Run Inside the Docker as a Container

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I’m beginner in docker and learning these days.
I want to run Asterisk 11.X inside docker container will my approach is correct or not?

If I’ll successful in this task then move entire setup to Production.

Please guide me

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Asterisk itself doesn’t care, however Docker itself brings with it different things you need to think about. For example: Networking. SIP places IP addresses and ports in the signaling, so that has to be configured and allowed through. As well how are you going to get configuration into it? A mapped volume? A bind mount?

There’s a lot of aspects you have to think about and experiment with which are not really Asterisk specific.

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Thanks @jcolp

Your these words really means a lot to me.

Can you please suggest it would best for Production Server or NOT?.

Let me explain you why I need DOCKER

I have multiples Server where Asterisk 11.X is running and till now I’haven’t faced any application issue sometime SIP connectivity get down at Operator end and this would be fixed by their team only.

WHY Docker : let’s suppose Asterisk Server may go down and crash for any reason at that time I won’t have any solution to up the same Instance and configuration machine up and running. It will take some time to up and running same configured machine and I don’t want to take any risk during that time when traffic is high.

WHEN WE HAVE DOCKER If I have docker running Asterisk container and docker may get crashed then I have docker image saved somewhere or in docker-hub then I’ll clone the latest saved docker image and run in different docker server in very less time it will help more to run new Asterisk server on Docker.

Please suggest more will it work or not

Without experience and testing of Asterisk running under Docker I would not run it under production. As well unless you embed all of the configuration inside of the container spinning up a new Asterisk will not be instant and self contained. If the configuration isn’t in there you will need to also back it up.

I would recommend you look at pacemaker / corosync in a HA cluster. Its proven for asterisk, doesn’t require code changes and it works. This is much more of a supportable configuration.

I have no doubts asterisk will work in docker. Expect some hiccups on the way. You can find images on the docker hub already. Keep in mind though running asterisk in docker would make it very tough to support. If its for 10 software developers that pick up the phone once a month, go for it. If your in a call center, I woudn’t go near it anytime soon.

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