Asterisk in docker the right path?

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Seems that corosync isn’t active anymore:

and pacemaker isnt’ asterisk related:

There are many many not verified or official images. What’s the reason of all of this caos?

I’m would be tempted to create another one that compile asterisk from source to a specified version.

Should i proceed writing my own Dockerfile or there’s a developer guide that I’m missing and that serve an already tested Dockerfile?

Thanks, BR

From a project perspective in regards to Asterisk in Docker, it’s been brought up a few times but those who were interested couldn’t agree on what it should look like or how it should work. The most that was done was putting a contributed Dockerfile in the repo, but it hasn’t really been touched. SIP also makes it more difficult to actually deploy, unless you know precisely what you are doing from a network perspective.

thank you, I’ve found out the official:

I’ll take a look at it.
For network, I suppose a docker-compose.yml with

 network: host

could solve many issue.

That is not official. That is a contributed unmaintained unsupported file. Everything in “contrib” is contributed, and generally unsupported.

Wow, thanks for clarification!

So I would start my own Dockerfile, I hate to change hardware and start again with trial error and then success without know if it’s luck or it’s the right recipe.

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