WikiPage Error - "Creating Dialplan Extensions" page

I am a new Asterisk administrator on a small private LAN. The learning curve for Asterisk has been steep mostly because of all of the new terminology. I am finally getting a grasp on the most basic setup. While the “Hello World” was a helpful demonstration, the “Basic PBX Functionality” section has proven the most helpful. However, I have found an error on the “Creating Dialplan Extensions” page that should be corrected for those that are following in my path.

The Code Box contains

I suspect that this is valid when using the (now depreciated?) chan_SIP channel drive.

When using the res_pjsip module and channel driver it needs to be changed to the following:

It took me awhile to digest all of the error messages and try this. Please update the Wiki with this information.

I have added a note with additional information and example for PJSIP.

Asterisk doesn’t just do SIP and wasn’t originally designed for SIP, so the page only shows general principles. You need to know the channel technology (DAHDI, H.323, IAX, SIP, PJSIP, etc.) and adapt accordingly