DIAL command in Asterisk 11 not working in Asterisk 16

I have two Asterisk 11 intallations that I need to update to Asterisk 16 and pjsip.

I have a question about the DIAL command.

In Asterisk 11 extensions.conf this works perfectly:


In Asterisk 16 I get an error message using this:


This works fine:


Why doesn’t the same DIAL command work with “SIP” changed to “PJSIP”? Is there something I need to change in pjsip.conf?

This is the relevant section of pjsip.conf:

type = transport
protocol = udp
bind =
external_media_address = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
external_signaling_address = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
local_net = yyy.yyy.yyy.0/

type = registration
retry_interval = 20
max_retries = 10
expiration = 120
transport = transport-udp
outbound_auth = auth_reg_sip.callwithus.com
client_uri = sip:myusername@sip.callwithus.com
server_uri = sip:sip.callwithus.com

type = auth
password = mypassword
username = myusername

type = aor
contact = sip:myusername@sip.callwithus.com

type = identify
endpoint = callwithus
match = sip.callwithus.com

type = auth
username = myusername
password = mypassword

type = endpoint
context = outgoing
dtmf_mode = rfc4733
rtp_symmetric = yes
force_rport = yes
rewrite_contact = yes
timers = no
direct_media = no
auth = callwithus
outbound_auth = callwithus
aors = callwithus


This dialing syntax doesnt work using PJSIP channel driver, on Asterisk 11 worked because you were using chan_sip


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Thank you for taking the time to help me!

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