Wiki registration / password recovery not working

I’m finding the Asterisk Wiki incredibly useful (thank you!) but have frustrations using search.
I really don’t need the same information listed 6 times right back to early versions - I’m just interested in the “root” (as it were) and anything in /AST/Asterisk+13.

I was hoping I could register “favourite spaces” and then just search within them. The trouble at the moment is that the wiki is often very slow (usually 5-6 seconds per page, quite often the search box of “wiki tree loading” spinners just time out). By just narrowing down to the most likely would speed things up.

However, when I go to “login”, it tells me my username and password is wrong. So I “resend password”, it tells me “success”, but then a new password never arrives.

Incidentally, is there an easy way to also exclude PDFs and those weird “gliffy” format results which are just nothing but pages of code?

EDIT: See also: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=96203