Why Asterisk Ip and Ports not showing?

As you can see my asterisk running but when I check how many ports is used by asterisk then I found nothing.

An Asterisk IP (wildcard) and port (5060), is being shown.

However, more generally, Asterisk only listens on ports if you enable a feature that uses them. I pure analogue / ISDN configuration, with no AMI, will not listen on any ports.

Also, please provide copied (not transcribed) text, not images, as it is often useful to search within the logs.

Yeah @david551 thanks for that, I’ll share as text next time, so as of now I just install asterisk and use defined extensions, my next task is AMI and for that I have to enable AMI whose port is 5038.

So just for my clarification I just install asterisk and nothing do any specific that’s why I get only 5060 port but why there is no process or pid showing with that?

PID/Program name
Slash-separated pair of the process id (PID) and process name of the
process that owns the socket. --program causes this column to be in‐
cluded. You will also need superuser privileges to see this informa‐
tion on sockets you don’t own. This identification information is not
yet available for IPX sockets.

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