Why allowguest=yes by default?

Is allowguest=yes synonymous with the ability to make anonymous calls?

What is the use case for this, other than the obvious one of allowing anyone who has mere connectivity to make calls?

What are the reasons that allowguest=yes by default?


That is the reason it exists, to allow anonymous calls. As to why it is the default I don’t know - it’s been like that for a long time. This is not the case for the new chan_pjsip, you have to explicitly do things there to allow anonymous.

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I believe the reason given was to make it easy tor people to get started when initially investigating the use of Asterisk.

The assumption is that people design their configuration before going live. Unfortunately most people tend to cobble it together from cook book solutions, as witness the number of deprecated features, failure to follow best practice, and duplication of options under old an new names in configurations presented here, for debugging.

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