Which sip softphone to use?

I’m trying to pick a sip softphone for my asterisk system. X-lite waa my initial pick, but later on realized it doesn’t support g.729. Since some of the extensions will be remote, and bandwidth couldbe an issure, so I was told to pick a free sip softphone with g.729 support.

My qustions:

  1. In my case, will using X-lite (no g.729 support) be a real issue?

  2. Is there a decent free sip softphone that supports g.729? I don’t rellay care about the features of teh phone as long as it does the basic.

I don’t think you’ll get a free softphone WITH g.729. The reason being that the provider of the softphone still needs to pay the royalties to the patent holder.

I personally use Zoiper Biz. The Free version doesn’t support g.729. IMO it’s a great piece of software, supports both IAX and SIP and is very easy to train people to use and configure.

I believe with volume licensing you can get the Biz version for around $14 USD/ seat… not 100% sure on the pricing.


There are a number of choices out there, depending on what operating system you’re using.

As has been stated, you won’t find a free soft phone that supports g729. If bandwidth could be an issue and you don’t want to pay for the g729 licenses, GSM is a good alternative, it’s free, and a number of soft phones support it.