Which is the Best softphone for asterisk currently

Hello Everyone,

I search for above question in this community and found many good answers, most of them are suggesting to use x-lite. But these comments are 10 years old.

I am just wondering that for now which softphone is best?


Do you need business features. X-Lite is a loss leader and doesn’t have some of the features businesses expect, and for which you may need to pay.

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Hello David,
Thanks for your reply. I just want to perform some test with FreePBX for that I need a softphone. I want to make, transfer, conference call, receive a call. I think for now I need a basic open source softphone which can fulfill my requirements.

Can you suggest me other opensource softphones?

X-Lite is not open source.


I would consider the following products:
CounterPath X-Lite - free, stable, supports basic functionality only (no call transfer, no call forward, no 3-way conference).

CounterPath Bria - shareware ($50), supports all the key business features (call transfer, call forward, 3-way conference, address book, H.264 video).

PhonerLite - free and feature-rich client, but its UI is not intuitive and user friendly as compared to Counterpath products.

Note that all of the above products are proprietary, not open source.


Based on your needs, I would go with PhonerLite.
Although it is not an opensource product, it should suit you.

Linphone is great ! Last version is well designed

I’m using this softphone, and for the time being it has been taken care of well.