Softphone[best one]

In your opinion what is the best softphone for using with *.

there are some good resources on the wiki if you search around. Xlite seems to be pretty popular and works well, it also has a very good diagnosis log for troubleshooting if needed.


we have 350 seat callcenter, and use eyebeam for about 300 of those seats. i personally have installed about 45 different SIP softphones, and eyebeam is by far the best…it’s easy to use and has numerous features. it’s not free, but it’s the best we’ve used…although it is far from perfect.

second place goes to a phone by NCH, called ExpressTalk. it’s free but isn’t as easy to use as eyebeam is and doesn’t have as many features.

i haven’t really looked at IAX phones, but if anyone has a favorite, please post, because we’re looking at switching possibly to IAX across the board…

For me as a linux users, the best softphones is ekiga aka. gnomemeeting, so many features. But if you’re on kde environment, kphone will be good choice.

How about sipx phone (

Did anybody try it?

I am using it now (testing) and so far seem to be ok. I wonder if I am wasting my time or somebody can share experience and approve or disapprove my choice. I want to see something like: “I tried it but switched to … because of …”. Or something like "I used … and switch to sipXphone because … and still use sipXphone for … weeks/month/years"
I hope I am not asking too much.

So far positive things for me were:

  • it is free,
  • it is java based so it is platform independent we test it on win xp and linux (gentoo) boxes,
  • easy to configure via browser (it runs server for it),
  • seemed to be easy to use,
  • developed by PingTel (who to my best knowledge are pioneers of VoIP, SIP) so that they know what users expect/need

What features I should be looking for? Well the more it can do the better I guess. But how to decide? May be it already can do the most expected things and lacking only exotic rearly used features? If someone could compare it against whatever they use or used, it would be perfect.

Thank you.