Which Audio-Codec is used with H.264 Video?

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Currently I’m writing on a professional article about Asterisk and Video-Calling.
One of the questions we want to answer is “What is the audio-quality like in a Video-Call?”

Can anybody tell me which Audio-Codec is used in combination with H.264 in Asterisk?
If I’m not completely wrong you can use H.264 with different Audio-Codecs.

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They are negotiated independently and the one used and which ones can be used in general depends on the underlying client itself.

Wow. You are absolutely incredible. I never got that fast a reply to a community-question in my life. Thank you.

I checked my Bria-Softphone on my iPhone. What I can select is the Video-Codec. And I can select the SIP-Audio-Codec like G.722. Is it that what you meant? Does the standard SIP-Audio-Codec of the SIP-Peer get combined with H.264 as Video-Codec?

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They don’t get combined precisely. It negotiates separate media streams. One carries audio, one carries video. They aren’t muxed or combined together for transport.

No. I understand. The SIP-Protocol will say everything about the Audio-Stream and everything about the Video-Stream. But now I understand that I can configure audio exactly the same way like I do it for Non-Video-Calls.

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