H.264 capable clients that play nice


I’m attempting to establish a SIP Video call with AsteriskNOW as a SIP Server. While there is NAT involved, audio works in both directions and irrespective of the initiating side.

I believe I’ve set up the AsteriskNOW side correctly:

[root@localhost asterisk]# grep -ri video ./
[root@localhost asterisk]# grep -ri 264 ./

While audio works in all cases, video is much more fickle. If I use Linphone on my Android mobile device and on my PC, I can establish a video call, as long as I call from the former to the latter, and I will only have video on the initiating side. In the other direction, from PC to mobile device, I get only audio on both sides, and no video on either.

Even when it works, it may not work on a subsequent call, or perhaps only a frame or two will be sent.

If I switch the mobile side to Zoiper, with the in-app H.264 upgrade, I get audio-only in all cases.

Here is a pastebin for a call from Linphone PC to Linphone Mobile: https://pastebin.ca/3844292

In this case I get a few frames of video on the receiving side, none on sending side (the latter is typical): Any help is much appreciated.