Where is the Macro Folder?


I’m unsung asterisk on a QNAP TS-119 NAS (ARM CPU). I’ve used the asterisk-gui - 2.0.4-1 for configuration.

My outgoing calling routes configured using a macro called “trunkdial-failover-0.3”. This macro does not exactly do what i’d expect it and I would like to have a look at it’s code. Can anyone tell me where to find it ?

I’ve looked in
(please note that the installation was done through ipkg, hence the /opt prefix)
and a lot of other folders which don’t contain an asterisk subfolder…

Googling also didn’t help much :frowning:

Thanks !

With a standard installation, they are included from /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf. They are embedded in this file in the sample configuration, but GUIs and custom installations, may have them several levels deep in includes.

They could also be in a database, if you have “realtime”.

Right under my nose… no wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere [size=50]else[/size] :open_mouth:

Thanks !